The interactive exhibition is celebrating its 10-year anniversary
10 years ago, in October 2009 the interactive information truck displaying the Paks II. project started its first country round-trip. During these years the mobile exhibition visited several hundred settlements in order to give information about nuclear energy and the new NPP units to the public. In the last decade the exhibit hosted almost 400.000 visitors.
A Franco-German consortium is going to supply the automated process control systems
Framatome SAS–Siemens AG consortium is going to supply the automated process control systems for Paks II., the two corporations won the contract in competitive call for bids.
An opportunity for the region to flourish
The nuclear power plant construction, sometimes called as the investment of the century, could bring a major boost to Paks and the surrounding counties. The multi-disciplinary cooperation involving a plethora of organizations, institutions and municipalities will enable the region to take part in the project and enjoy its benefits.
Almost half of clean energy is from the nuclear power plant in Hungary
45% of carbon neutral electricity in the European Union was generated by nuclear power plants – can be found in the statistics of the ENTSOE.
Nuclear power plants provide one third of carbon-free electricity
Nuclear power plants provide 10% of global electricity, while in the meantime it means one third of carbon-free electricity – was said at the IAEA’s conference.
MAVIR continues to predict an increase in peak load
Domestic electricity generation has fallen by about a quarter in ten years, while electricity consumption is steadily rising.
The IAEA General Assembly has begun in Vienna
Minister János Süli, State Secretary Pál Kovács and CEO István Lenkei represent the Paks II. project in Vienna, at the 63rd General Assembly of the IAEA. The International Atomic Energy Agency holds its General Assembly at the Vienna Center of the United Nations (VIN) between 16-20 September 2019.
The mobile exhibition was popular this summer as well
The mobile exhibition of Paks II. Ltd. visited 8 big Hungarian festivals during the summer of 2019, almost 20 thousand people visited it in two months.
Paks II. at the City Day of Szekszárd
Szekszárd hosted the Szekszárd City Day program series on the third weekend of August this year as well. This year Paks II. was also involved in the programs.
The trainee program of Paks II. is successful
Ten-fifteen young people spend their internships per year at the project company established to build the new Paks NPP units. The Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. has launched an orientation and mentoring program this year to assist the professional development of trainees.
Rosatom opened one of the most valuable public procurements of the Paks II. investment
Rosatom opened one of the most valuable public procurements of the Paks II. investment the other day – informed János Süli the Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet. The Minister without portfolio responsible for the planning, construction and commission of the two new nuclear power plant units of Paks highlighted in his interview: without nuclear energy there is no cheap electricity, no reduction of utility prices, no climate protection.
A new record for the summer electricity consumption
According to MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company Ltd.’s announcement, the Hungarian summer electricity consumption reached a new record on 27 June 2019.
The Paks II. truck starts its festival roundtrip again
The mobile exhibition displaying nuclear energy and Paks II. project awaits the interested at eight summer festivals in 2019 as well with interactive programs, rest and relaxation and various games.
The construction of the first facilities of the construction and erection base of Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant has started
The construction of the first facilities of the construction and erection base of Paks II. Nuclear Power plant has begun on 20 June 2019. The Paks NPP guarantees cheap, reliable and safely produced electricity for the Hungarian population and enterprises in the long run. Without nuclear energy, there is no cheap electricity, no reduction in utility prices, nor climate protection.
Innovative 3+ gen. NPP units are built worldwide
The last few months have been eventful in the nuclear power plant industry. Several implementations of 3+ gen. NPP units reached major milestones. The new NPP units using innovative technologies not only have better economic figures than their predecessor, but via their active and passive safety features provide the most effective protection. Such NPP units will be built in Paks in order to provide climate friendly electricity at an affordable price for domestic population and economy following the decommission of the currently operating four NPP units.
Debrecen and Miskolc joined Paks II. Academy as well
The University of Debrecen and the University of Miskolc both are going to offer nuclear power plant operation engineer course at their respective institutes. The grant agreements were signed on 29 May 2019 by the representatives of Paks II. Ltd. and the universities.
Dunaújváros and Veszprém joined Paks II. Academy
Paks II. Ltd. signed the grant agreement with the University of Dunaújváros and the University of Pannonia, which enables the start of the nuclear power plant operation engineer course in these institutes.
The interactive truck was popular in Paks as well
Halting its country road trip, the interactive information truck arrived to Paks for the Town Day. The interactive vehicle hosted more than 1500 visitors. The information tent of Paks II. presented itself at this event which – similar to the truck – awaited the visitors with several games and useful information.
The development in Paks is the national interest of Hungary
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán hosted Alexey Likhachev, CEO of the Russian nuclear energy concern Rosatom on 12 May in the Carmelite Monastery - informed MTI Bertalan Havasi, press chief of the Prime Minister.
Paks II. Academy is starting
Paks II. Ltd. launches an advanced training course in cooperation with six universities. The Paks II. Academy program will be open to participants from September in specialized training for nuclear power plant operation engineer based on undergraduate training. The University of Pécs is also among the prospective training institutions, and a grant agreement was signed on Monday at the Rector's Council Room.