Together for climate protection! In the fight against climate change nuclear power plants cannot be ignored.
Background of the project The story of Paks II. in short
Constructing the facilities of the CEB During the implementation of the construction and erection base (CEB) of the Paks II. investment, more than 110 facilities are needed to be built there.

Ten reasons for Paks II.


– We hope that the six nuclear power plant units will operate side by side in Paks for at least twenty years – said Minister of Energy Csaba Lantos at the Paks II. construction site.
The Contractor ASE JSC organized a workshop for businesses wishing to join the Paks II. nuclear power plant project.
Sustainability and nuclear energy were the focus of the conference of the Scientific Association for Energy Management in Szeged, where Paks II. was also a prominent topic.
Creating the conditions for the first concrete pour is underway at the Paks II. construction site.