The Power Plant Investment Centre is structurally complete

2/15/21 2:17 PM
The last container was also put in place on 13 February, as the next step is to carry out the internal works as well as the external utility implementation, landscaping and road-parking construction works.

A two-story, modern office building for the technical staff of Paks II. Ltd., consisting of 259 containers right next to the area designated for new units is structurally complete. The individual containers were lifted into place by crane and fitted together. This part of the work lasted for three months. Now that the last container is in its place, the internal work follows. Progress has already been made in the eastern wing of the building, where more than half of the internal installation work has been carried out by the contractor West Hungária Bau Ltd. The engineers of Paks II. Ltd. are expected to move in to the Power Plant Investment Centre in 2021 Q3.