Together for climate protection! In the fight against climate change nuclear power plants cannot be ignored.
Background of the project The story of Paks II. in short
Constructing the facilities of the CEB During the implementation of the construction and erection base (CEB) of the Paks II. investment, more than 110 facilities are needed to be built there.
Entrepreneurial Information Point was opened by the PIP Nonprofit LLC in Paks. The aim of the office is to involve the domestic companies into Paks II. investment.
The control building of the concrete mixing plant (UXC 5.5) and the concrete testing laboratory (UXC 5.6) received construction licenses at the construction and erection base of the new NPP units.
Six universities will train nuclear power plant engineers and specialists in the next academic year. The number of students in the Paks II. Academy has been increased.
The fuel loading started in Unit 2 of Leningrad II., thus began the physical start-up.