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About the Paks II. project

The main goal of Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Private Limited Company (Paks II. Ltd.) is the prepatory work of the construction of the new nuclear power plant units of Paks, the acquisition of the necessary licenses, the realization of the investment, then the operation of the units.

The Paks II. project contributes to the growth of national economy and the continuation of the safe, climate friendly and affordable supply of electricity of Hungary.

The new units will increase Hungary's security of electricity supply, as the necessary electricity will be available from within the country's borders, thus reducing Hungary's dependence on imports.

Nuclear energy is also an important tool in the fight against climate change, as nuclear power plants do not emit carbon dioxide. The operation of the two new NPP units will prevent the emission of 17 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. 

The construction of the new nuclear units is the industrial investment of the century in Hungary and the largest infrastructure project under construction in Central Europe. During the construction period, it will provide jobs for around 10000 people at peak times and could create 10-15000 additional jobs through related tasks and works across the country. 

Paks II. is an international project, which is being carried out in partnership with the Contractor, Russian nuclear energy group Rosatom, and a number of major Western suppliers. For example, the German-French consortium Framatome-Siemens won the procurement of the I&C equipment, and the US-French GE won the turbine island. The investment is based on international requirements, with the new units being constructed to standards and specifications laid down by European and international nuclear organisations, including the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Western European Nuclear Regulators’ Association and European Utility Requirements.

As a result of two years of complex and in-depth regulatory review, the project was granted an implementation license by the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority in 2022 and a number of additional key licenses, including the Unit 5 nuclear island construction licence and the long lead items manufacturing license. With these licenses, the production of reactor vessels and core-catchers has started, and the soil preparation works are underway.


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