Together for climate protection! In the fight against climate change nuclear power plants cannot be ignored.
Background of the project The story of Paks II. in short
Constructing the facilities of the CEB During the implementation of the construction and erection base (CEB) of the Paks II. investment, more than 110 facilities are needed to be built there.
The last container was also put in place on 13 February, as the next step is to carry out the internal works as well as the external utility implementation, landscaping and road-parking construction works.
Due to the extreme cold, the domestic electricity consumption record was broken. Meanwhile, electricity has been the cheapest in Hungary for almost a year and a half.
There are up to ten times the difference in CO2 emissions from producing one kilowatt hour of electricity among European countries.
The decline in electricity consumption caused by the coronavirus was only around 1% in 2020, and the Q4 has already shown an increase compared to the previous year.