Work is in progress in the Construction Base

6/16/20 2:43 PM
Construction work is ongoing in the Construction Base where two office buildings and a 100-person kitchen-dining facility are being built.

On the ground floor of the office building, to be built for the professionals of the Contractor, the monolithic reinforced concrete floor slab is being completed as on the second floor plasterboard partition walls are being installed.

On the first floor of the Owner’s (Paks II.) office building construction of the electrical cable pit and formwork installation for column grouting are in progress. In addition, the workers completed the formwork and reinforcement installation for the slab above the second floor.
The construction of the reinforced concrete electrical cable pit and installation of the utility pipelines (water, sewage) are in progress in the kitchen-dining building.

The three buildings are being built by KÉSZ Construction and Assembly Ltd. - contractors of the Russian ASE Engineering Company JSC.