Two new buildings of the construction and erection base received construction licenses

7/2/20 6:07 PM
Single-storey industrial buildings will be built as part of the steel and rebar assembly plant complex.
Visualization of steel and rebar assembly workshop No. 6.1

Paks II. Ltd. received the construction licenses for the construction of the steel and rebar assembly workshop and the related metal goods warehouse from the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority. The single-storey industrial buildings with a gross floor area of 11,400 and 3,600 m2 respectively, which will be implemented as part of the steel and rebar assembly plant complex, will be built in the immediate vicinity of each other at the construction and erection base. The workshop will be used for the processing of structural steels, for the pre-assembly of steel supporting structures, for the production of on-site steel formwork, steel structural elements for bushings, as well as for the processing of reinforcing bars and fittings. In the warehouse, the raw materials used in the plant will be stored and the manufactured products will be stored.

Visualization of metal goods warehouse No. 6.2