There is no way out of the energy crisis without nuclear power plants

10/5/22 11:16 AM
We need nuclear energy to meet the European climate protection goals – said Yves Desbazeille, the director general of nucleareurope in Paks.

– The growing electricity demand needs more and more nuclear capacities, if we want to meet the climate protection targets – emphasized Yves Desbazeille during his visit in Paks. The delegation from the European nuclear industry association visited the construction of the new nuclear power plant units of Paks on Tuesday and was informed about the progress of the project. 

After checking the ground excavation works, Yves Desbazeille said: about 25% of electricity demand is supplied by nuclear power plants in Europe, which is half of the low-carbon generation. According to the director general, this share must be maintained in the long run, thus increasing the nuclear capacity. Under the climate protection directive of the European Union, as the EU seeks to reduce gas consumption, greater emphasis will be placed on low-emission electricity generation.

The Brussels-based organization’s top man made it clear, that at time of the energy crisis in Europe, nuclear power plants, producing affordable electricity, are the key to security of supply. 

The international delegation of Finnish, Spanish, French and Romanian experts received a comprehensive overview of the situation and development of the Hungarian nuclear sector.