The mobile exhibition was popular this summer as well

9/2/19 8:17 AM
The mobile exhibition of Paks II. Ltd. visited 8 big Hungarian festivals during the summer of 2019, almost 20 thousand people visited it in two months.

The interactive exhibition of Paks II. was very successful again, which visited 8 musical and cultural festivals this summer. The mobile display hosted almost 20 thousand visitors. The festival roundtrip started in Sopron at VOLT, then it visited Balaton Sound in Zamárdi, EFOTT in Velence, Campus Festival in Debrecen, East Fest in Mezőtúr, Sziget in Budapest and the Debrecen Flower Carnival. The last station was the SZIN. The most visited station was Sziget, where 3449 guests attended the exhibition, while the summer’s most visited day was at VOLT, where 771 people visited the mobile display a day. Another important feedback – besides the high number of visitors – was the questionnaire, where the guests could summarize their opinions. A vast majority of responders – more than 90% – professed they gained new information while visiting the exhibition and they recommend it for others.

Following the festival season, the truck is going for a country roundtrip, visiting settlements with a population above 5000, but in October it is going to attend Automotive exhibition at Hungexpo, and – as usual – the Csaba Sausage Festival.

The mobile exhibition of Paks II. Ltd. „brings home” the most important information about the peaceful and climate friendly use of nuclear energy, the important role of Paks NPP in the domestic energy production, and implementation of the two new nuclear power plant units of Paks in a modern, interactive way. One of the specialities of the exhibition is an augmented reality app, which can be used with a smart phone or the provided tablets to have a virtual walk around the two VVER-1200 units. This was very popular among guests at the festivals, just like the new interactive board, where the youngest guests could learn about the Paks II project in a playful manner.

This year about 35 thousand people visited the mobile exhibition already.