The interactive exhibition is celebrating its 10-year anniversary

10/28/19 8:33 AM
10 years ago, in October 2009 the interactive information truck displaying the Paks II. project started its first country round-trip. During these years the mobile exhibition visited several hundred settlements in order to give information about nuclear energy and the new NPP units to the public. In the last decade the exhibit hosted almost 400.000 visitors.

On 30 March 2009, the Hungarian Parliament gave its contribution to the preparation of the establishment of new Paks nuclear power plant units. That year in October the mobile exhibition started its tour at Boda in order to give information to everyone about the plans to maintain the performance of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant. The first visitors of the Energy of Our Future truck were shown around by the masterminds, the then-leaders of the Paks NPP – CEO János Süli, Director of Capacity Expansion István Lenkei and Communications Director István Mittler. János Süli today is the minister responsible for the implementation of the new NPP units, István Lenkei is the CEO of Paks II. Ltd., István Mittler is the Communications Director of the company responsible for the realization of the new NPP units.

The mobile exhibition gives information about nuclear energy with interactive tools in a playful manner. The display – now called Energy Inside Us! – is awaiting visitors the whole year. In the last decade it visited the settlements in the area of Hungarian nuclear facilities and to the site of waste storage sites, and settlements with a population over 5000, and since 2013 the interactive truck is a regular attendee of such big events like the VOLT Festival, EFOTT, Sziget or the Csaba Sausage Festival.
In 2009, the truck was equipped with roll-ups and two test machines. In 2010, the exhibition was modernized: projector boards and more interactive tools arrived to the exhibition, such as the ever popular energy producing bicycle.

In the following years the exhibition was always developing and expanding and in 2017 the vehicle was renewed inside and outside, and started the summer festival season and another country trip.
Those who visit the truck can get information about the actualities of the Paks II project, the importance of the investment and the project’s social, economical and environmental impacts. The guests can see photos of the project’s milestones and events so far, and via shortfilms they can get to know a 3+ gen. VVER-1200 reactor designed for Paks or take a virtual tour in a similar nuclear power plant. One of the specialities of the display is an augmented reality application, with it the visitors can take a virtual tour in a nuclear power plant similar to the one designed for Paks. This is very popular among festival-goers as is the new interactive board for the little ones, as the childern can learn about nuclear energy and the Paks II project in a playful manner.

At the summer festival the so-called Energy Island tent, located next to the truck, is awaiting the interested, who can rest and relax there in bean bags or hammocks, charge their mobile devices or play games.

The interest in the exhibition is steady, in the last decade almost 400.000 people visited it. In Summer 2019 it visited 8 festival, hosting 19.073 visitors alltogether, the daily peak was registered at VOLT Festival with 771 guests, while the most popular festival for the truck was the Sziget in 2019 with 3449 visitors.

A major milestone for the operation of the interactive truck was in 2018. The idea to operate such an exhibition was recognized internationally: it won the nuclear profession’s recognition as it reached the finals of the Atomexpo Awards in Public Communication category.