The HAEA has issued the license for the implementation of soil consolidation

6/11/22 4:32 PM
Based on the license, important site preparation activities related to the construction can be started.

On 10 June 2022 the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority granted a building license for the implementation of the soil consolidation required for the construction of Units 5 and 6 of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant. With the soil consolidation, the soil under the buildings and structures important for nuclear safety of Units 5 and 6 will be strengthened, using technology that is already used and proven in international practice. The purpose of soil consolidation is to ensure the required stability and earthquake resistance of buildings and structures built on solidified soil.
Obtaining a license for soil consolidation is an important milestone in the successful progress of the project.

On 26 May the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority issued the construction license for the cut-off wall required for the construction of the new Paks units. This is also one of the key licenses required to enter the second, the construction phase of the nuclear power plant project.

In recent weeks, Paks II. Ltd. has also received building licenses for three warehouses and two storage areas for the construction and erection base.

The Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority has approved the plans of the 2.10 material warehouse for personnel needs, the documentation of the 2.4 warehouse for non-ferrous metals, heating, mechanical and ventilation equipment, and the plans of the 2.5 warehouse for general chemicals, and also approved the construction license application for the 2.1 heavy goods vehicle unloading and storage area and the 3.3 outdoor manufacturing and storage area.