The European Parliament recognized nuclear energy as a sustainable energy source

7/7/22 7:33 AM
The EU Act recognizing nuclear as a sustainable energy source could enter into force on 1 January 2023.

The European Parliament (EP) rejected the objection to the so-called Complementary Delegated Act, which would have stopped to recognize certain activities related to gas and nuclear energy as sustainable from an environmental point-of-view, thus both energy sources can now be labeled as a safe and clean energy source – reported the parliament on Wednesday. 

As MTI reported, according to the proposal of the European Commission, private investments in gas and nuclear sector have a role in the green transition and help to mitigate the effects of climate change. Thus with certain conditions and transparent requirements, certain activities of these industries might be labeled sustainable from an environmental point-of-view, temporarily. 

A motion to block this EP proposal received 328 against, 278 in favor, while 33 MEP abstained. If neither the EU Parliament nor the Council, representing the governments of the Member States, objects to the Commission's proposal by 11 July, the taxonomy regulation will enter into force on 1 January 2023.

As MTI reminded us, the European Commission’s draft legislation on taxonomy, presented in early March this year, lists certain activities related to nuclear energy and gas as economically sustainable from an environmental point of view. The list of such activities is called the EU taxonomy. The Taxonomy Act is one of a number of draft legislations that the EU Commission is proposing to use to provide resources for sustainable growth, promote green investments and try to avoid labelling unsustainable projects as green.