The erection can only start once the necessary licenses have been obtained

3/11/19 7:00 AM
The erection of the new nuclear power plant units can only start once the implementation license is already obtained – told minister János Süli in a written answer for a parliamentary question.

Minister without portfolio János Süli answered to a question from a Member of Parliament: the construction of the new NPP units could only begin with the implementation license. Building construction facilities and landscaping work can start before, once the permits have been acquired. The nuclear sector is characterized by such strict regulations, that even the construction of a bicycle storage facility at the site of the nuclear power plant is also subject to authorization – he added.

János Süli reminded everyone that the implementation license application is not only investigated by the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority, but by international experts as well, therefore everyone can be reassured that Paks II. nuclear power plant will meet all the requirements and thus be one of the safest nuclear power plants in Europe.

The minister recalled: Paks II. project currently has over 320 licenses. The project company provided the Contractor with a work area for the construction of the first facilities of the construction and erection base, while the professionals are already working on the implementation license application, the largest and most complex licensing step in the implementation of the project. The documentation of about 300,000 pages is intended to prove that the new Paks units will be safe and meet the latest strictest domestic and EU requirements.