The employees of Paks II. Ltd. collected money for the needy

4/18/19 6:00 AM
The employees of Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. organized a money collection for the needy clients of the Family Support Service of Paks Sub-regional Social Center, following a successful collection for the patients of Balassa János Hospital in Tolna county previously.

The collective of Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. intends to ease the problems of distressed families living in the Paks region with its recently ended charity action. Following the month-long action coordinated by the Communications Division, the several hundred thousand HUF worth of donation was handed over by István Mittler communications director to László Borbás, director of Family Support Service of Paks Sub-regional Social Center.

The head of the support service, thanking the donations of Paks II. employees, said that the amount offered is a great help to many needy families.

There were several charitable actions in the company, there was a donation for a colleague in a need of treatment, for a Paks family in crisis, and for the little patients of the children’s ward in the county hospital. As result, a decision was made: the company is looking for an organization which is in direct contact with those in need and is aware of their problems. Thus the Family Support Service of Paks Sub-regional Social Center was chosen, there are many families among its clients where help is really needed.

The charity action, the collection of the donation was held for a month at the Budapest office and the four Paks offices – informed István Mittler. The communication director said, in 2017, when the company responsible for the design, construction and operation of the new nuclear power plant units was taken over by a new management, the company’s center of gravity moved to Paks. This is also reflected in the fact that events and initiatives in Paks and its region are far more focused on by the company. – On our internal communication channels we call our employees’ attention to such actions, for example the last time we urged them to take part in the „You should pick it up!” action. We also encourage the employees of Paks II. Ltd. for blood donation. As last year, we are organizing two occasions this year together with the local chapter of the Hungarian Red Cross. Those employees who donate blood will get an extra day-off – specified István Mittler.

The communications director also informed the first blood donation of Paks II. – available to everyone of course – will be held on 24 April 2019 in the morning in Paks in Csengey Dénes Cultural Centre.