The December issue of Atomsphere has been published

12/8/20 2:08 PM
The magazine of Paks II. Ltd., launched in the summer, presents not only the project for the construction of the two new NPP units, but also the professionals working in it.

The second issue of the magazine of Paks II. Ltd. has been published. The new Atomsphere is recommended by Pál Kovács, State Secretary responsible for the maintenance of the capacity of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, and István Lenkei, CEO of the project company, gives an annual evaluation interview in the columns. The December issue speaks to dr. György Mészáros, Chairman of the Board, deals with, among many other things, the licensing process, the company's diverse training system, nature preservation works, the participation in the Paks Nuclear Power Plant project and business development as well. The magazine (also available online) provides an opportunity not only for the project, but also for the professionals working in it, to introduce themselves. The Atomsphere is published four times a year in 1400 copies.