The CEO of Paks II. Ltd. received the Prima Award

3/10/22 10:13 AM
István Lenkei, who was awarded for his outstanding and exemplary performance in his profession, spent his entire career in the nuclear energy sector.

For the sixteenth time, the county organization of the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers awarded the county participants who achieved outstanding and exemplary performance in their profession, joining the Prima Primissima Award founded by VOSZ. In 2021, one of the three winners was István Lenkei, who spent his entire career in the energy sector, in Paks, in nuclear energy.

The professional took part in the commissioning of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant and went through the various stages in the ranks in technical and other fields. He worked on the project to extend the lifetime of the four units, the Teller project to prepare the new units and the Lévai project, of which he was also the top executive. István Lenkei leads the company coordinating the construction of the two new units since 1 July 2017 as CEO.