The 2nd unit of the reference power plant of Paks II. is ready to start

6/15/20 2:23 PM
A series of inspections called hot functional test was completed on Unit 2 of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant II.

The hot functional test, a series of inspections before the the physical start, was completed on the 2nd unit of Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant II. operating in Sosnovy Bor, near St. Petersburg, Rosatom announced. In doing so, they examined, among other things, the operation of the safety equipment under normal operating and emergency conditions, including in the event of a complete loss of the unit's own electrical supply.

During the hot functional test, there is no fuel in the reactor, the system is tested with empty fuel assemblies. 

The Rosatom statement highlights that a total of about 150 different tests were performed to verify the proper operation of the reactor and its equipment, as well as the steam generators, the main circulating pumps, and all safety systems, including the automatic reactor protection system.

Alexander Belyaev, chief engineer of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant II. construction, said that the hot functional test was successful, the inspections confirmed that the new unit's main and auxiliary equipment and technological systems are suitable for normal operation. After the equipment is overhauled, the next phase of commissioning, the so-called physical start-up of the unit, is allowed, during which the fuel is added to the reactor and a series of new tests begin before the reactor is first connected to the grid. According to the schedule, the 2nd unit of Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant II. will start production in the first quarter of 2021.

The first reference unit of Paks II., Unit 1 of Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant II., started its commercial operation in November 2018.