President of the European Commission: the EU needs nuclear energy

10/28/21 7:30 AM
According to the President of the European Commission the nuclear energy is a reliable energy source.
Source: EC Press Service

After the summit of the 27 EU Member States, the President of the EC, Ursula von der Leyen, stood in favor of nuclear energy in a statement. – We need the reliable nuclear energy in the energy mix of the future – said the politician, who also urged the renewables to gain ground. 

Following her statement, French president Emmanuel Macron emphasized: there was never before such a clear and wide-ranging statement in favor of the need for nuclear energy. 

The European Committee needs to decide in the coming months whether nuclear energy can be classified as a sustainable energy source in accordance with the climate protection goals of the European Union. Two weeks ago, with the participation of Hungary, economy and energy ministers of ten EU Member States gave a statement for the need to have a nuclear energy based electricity production.