Paks II. Ltd. submitted another important license application

10/9/20 10:45 AM
The license issued by the HEA is of particular importance regarding the start of the construction of new units as electricity generating units.

Paks II. Ltd. submitted its application for an implementation license for the new units to the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (HEA) on 9 October 2020, fulfilling its obligation under the electricity act (VET).

The implementation license submitted to Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority – similar to the implementation license about the nuclear facilities, issued by the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority – is a requirement to start the construction, production, acquisition and assembly works. 

The documentation developed in accordance with the VET regulations is intended to certify that the power plant will meet the relevant requirements, fit into its environment, won’t affect the continuous operation of the existing nuclear power plant, and contribute to the long-term supply security of the Hungarian electricity system.