Paks II. Ltd. received the physical protection permission

8/26/21 9:05 AM
The nuclear authority issued the physical protection permission for Paks II. Ltd. - the physical protection plan meets the requirements in all respects.

On 24th September 2020, the Company submitted the application to the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority for a physical protection permission, which included the physical protection plan of the facility to be constructed.

During the compilation of the physical protection plan, the Company's employees took into consideration all the relevant legislations, HAEA guidelines, standards, as well as international recommendations and good practices.
The physical protection plan, in the field of nuclear safety issues, aligned to the life cycle of the construction, based on the data presented in the implementation licence application, includes a detailed description of the physical protection of the new nuclear power plant units to be constructed and about the site as well, and the planned systems that can be programmed in the facility, such as instrumentation and control, nuclear safety and radioactive material registration systems. 

The approved physical protection plan is frequently reviewed by the Company according to the law and it is supplemented with the technical data available in the actual life cycle.

The application for the permission was assessed by the HAEA parallelly with the implementation licencing, and the National Police Headquarters was involved as competent authority in the evaluation process.