Paks II. Ltd. received its cut-off wall construction license

5/26/22 3:19 PM
The recently issued license is a critical milestone for the start of the construction of the new NPP units.
Cut-off wall test works at the site of the new NPP units. Source: Paks II. Ltd.

The Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority issued the cut-off wall construction license necessary for the implementation of the new NPP units on 26 May. This is one of the key licenses, which is necessary for the second, construction phase of the nuclear power plant project. 

The purpose of the cut-off wall is to let the groundwater in a controlled way and in a minimal amount into the excavation. It also prevents the level loss of the groundwater, which is of great importance due to the currently operating four NPP units. This underground concrete wall is 1 meter wide, 32 meters deep and will surround units 5-6 in a rectangular shape, its length will be 2,5 kilometers. 

– We have made a significant step for the start of the Paks construction – said Péter Szijjártó, foreign affairs and trade minister, the government official responsible for the design, construction and operation of the two new NPP units of Paks. He added: the coming years will be about the energy supply crisis. Those countries will be safe, who are able to produce their energy needs on their own. – That is why Paks II. is of utmost importance – said Péter Szijjártó.