Paks II. Ltd. launched a new career portal

9/30/20 1:15 PM
The company's new career page has been launched, where you can apply for a specific position and register in the hope of a later offer.

The Paks II. investment enters a new phase, the construction phase begins and later the operation phase. This requires a larger number of staff, so in the next period the number of positions to be filled will increase in Paks II. Ltd. This also justified the creation of a new career portal.

– We have developed a system that is modern, meets the challenges of today and is user-friendly. Applicants can manage current job offers on the same interface, and those interested can also apply for the advertised jobs much more easily than before - explained Péter Bognár, the company's human resources director.

The interactive interface is available from 1 October 2020 on to all who would like to join the team of the company entrusted with the construction and operation of the two new nuclear power plant units.


In addition to general job offers, one can also apply for internship and the „I will be an engineer at Paks II.” program advertised for graduate students.

It is also possible for the applicant to register and upload their CV to the database in hopes of a later offer.

Taking into account the data management rules, with the consent of the applicants, those who have submitted their CVs to Paks II. Ltd. in the traditional way – on paper – will also be included in the system. 


In this way, they will also receive feedback when their application is accepted and will be informed of any further steps, as the new portal will allow both applicants and tenderers to accurately track the status of their application.

– Moreover, in addition to my employees working in HR, the leaders of the relevant field also have access to the information, so they also get up-to-date information on the status of the advertised positions, added Péter Bognár, Human Resources Director.