Paks II. Ltd. at a virtual job fair

11/25/20 9:53 AM
Jobseekers were able to visit the virtual booth of Paks II. in a unusual way, online, at the JOB4me job fair.
The virtual booth of Paks II. Ltd. at the JOB4me job fair

JOB4me virtual job fair had nearly fifty thousand visitors on 12-13 November. According to the information of the organizer, Frissdiplomás Kft., the jobseekers were more active on the first day, almost two hundred people visited the stand then and a hundred on the second day. JOB4me, unlike universities, does not focus specifically on recent graduates, career starters, its target groups are the active jobseekers, those thinking about changing jobs, passive jobseekers, ie active workers open to career development; those interested in engineering, IT and economic opportunities; those with at least intermediate language skills; it also includes students in higher education and those with work experience and professional qualifications.

– Unfortunately, the pandemic situation does not allow for traditional events with a personal presence. However, we hope that the various virtual recruitment events will provide us with an opportunity to inform potential job seekers about our current career and training opportunities – said István Mittler.

The communications director of Paks II. Ltd. added that the virtual fair also provided visitors with general information about the project and technical issues related to the project.

– During the event, my colleagues from the HR, technical and communication fields were constantly waiting for questions and even “addressed” those who were available online. Those with work experience were offered our open positions, and those with a university degree were offered part-time jobs and internships, he detailed. He added that it was a great help to do this by clicking on each visitor's profile to see the basic information about the targeted job opportunity, so they could purposefully initiate a conversation with job seekers with a technical or even IT degree.

The communications director of the project company also reported that in addition to the interest, the supply was also great. More than thirty exhibitors lined up hundreds of offers. Paks II. Ltd. appeared with 24 offers, all of which can be found on the company's new career portal with a detailed description.

István Mittler said that experience has shown that there is a lot of competition for well-trained professionals, which is why it is important that Paks II. Ltd. grabs every opportunity to publish its current job offers.

There will be another opportunity for this soon: on 2-3 December 2020, those interested can meet us at the job fair of the BME.

We participate in this program every year, but of course this time it will be different, because it will also be held in the virtual space - the communications director concluded.