Paks expansion is now all about the actual construction

11/14/23 1:41 PM
The parties have signed the roadmap for the coming years, and the Paks expansion is no longer about paperwork, but about the actual construction – Péter Szijjártó announced in Paks.

At a joint press conference with Rosatom CEO Alexey Likhachev, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade welcomed the start of construction of the new reactor unit of Paks. He pointed out that this is the largest nuclear project on the continent today with a binding implementation licence.

The Paks project is a true international cooperation, as in addition to the Russian Contractor, several American, German, French, Swedish, Austrian and – so far – 94 Hungarian companies are involved.

Szijjártó said that the excavation under both planned unit has been completed to a depth of five meters, and the next goal is to reach a depth of 23 meters. He said that the cut-off wall work is also progressing well, with the German-American company working on it, currently at 77%. Work has also started on soil consolidation and sixty buildings will be erected in the next six months.

Today we have signed a roadmap for the coming years, which will see the new nuclear power plant connected to the grid in the next decade’s early years.

The investment will allow Hungary to remain one of the twenty countries in the world that are increasing their economic performance while reducing their GHG emissions, as the new units will prevent 17 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emission per year, three times more than the amount Hungary's forests can absorb each year.

– Security of supply in Hungary is a national interest. And this interest dictates that we need to increase our nuclear energy capacity, and this is only possible if we build new nuclear power plant units – Péter Szijjártó said.

Nuclear energy is the only way to produce electricity in large quantities, safely, cheaply and sustainably.

The minister highlighted that Hungary will not agree to any sanctions that would affect the nuclear energy sector. The twelfth package of sanctions against Russia does not contain any such proposals.

Alexey Likhachev confirmed that there is no alternative to nuclear energy, which is now the most stable, reliable and environmentally clean source of energy.

He said that Rosatom is sending its best experts to Hungary in view of the strict requirements and the high attention of European regulators.

– We are well aware that the international environment is not entirely friendly towards Rosatom, but we are ready to implement this project to the maximum, despite external pressure – he emphasized. He then pointed out the international nature of the project and said that the number of foreign companies participating will only increase.

The CEO said that the handover is expected in the early 2030s, by which time not only the two new NPP units and the training of the personnel will be ready, but also the fuel supply will be secured.

We have a big project ahead, but we've already come a long way, during which we've got to know each other better, our friendship has been strengthened and we can work together much better.

– Together with our Hungarian partners, we are ready to participate in all projects aimed at the realisation of the nuclear energy of the future – Alexey Likhachov added.