Nuclear energy is a stable pillar of electricity supply

1/22/24 6:30 PM
As in previous years, nuclear energy was the stable, reliable base for Hungarian electricity supply in 2023.

In 2023, half of Hungary's gross electricity generation and more than a third of its consumption was provided by nuclear energy, according to the annual summary of Mavir, Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company Ltd.

According to MAVIR data, last year the Paks Nuclear Power Plant produced 15917,8 GWh of electricity, which means 48,8% of the gross domestic electricity production.

Hungarian power plants produced 32605,7 GWh of electricity, but this was not enough to supply domestic consumers, as a quarter (25,4%) of the electricity used had to be imported from abroad.

While the share of renewables in the Hungarian energy mix has quadrupled in 15 years (5,7% in 2008, 20,7% in 2023), nuclear power generation has remained a stable and predictable pillar of domestic electricity production. In 2023, nuclear energy accounted for 36,4% of gross electricity consumption, the highest share of nuclear energy since 2016.