New construction licenses were issued by the authority

5/6/22 8:01 AM
New facilities of the Construction and Erection Base have recently received a construction license from the Hungarian Atomic Energy Agency (HAEA).
(USU) 2.2 Product testing workshop of Contractor’s warehouses 


The nuclear authority closed the licensing procedure and issued a construction license in the first days of May for several facilities which will be built on the construction and erection base of the Paks II. nuclear power plant.

The supplied equipments’ technical parameters and requirements will be tested in the Contractor’s warehouses complex in a single -storey, steel-framed product testing workshop. The purpose of these tests is to monitor suppliers and shipments, to monitor processes and product quality.

(UYR) 3.1 manufacturing plant of the main mechanical and main electric assembly complex, transport facilities 


The manufactoring plant of the main mechanical and main electric assembly complex, the transportation facilities also received the license from the authority. Most of the building is one -storey, but there will be a two-storey part with offices, changing rooms and plumbing unit for staff. The manufacturing plant will also be used to manufacture, repair and modernize custom equipment, fittings and parts, and this building will also serve to oversee the commissioning and operation of newly arrived equipment.