MAVIR: Hungarian electricity consumption record broken on Wednesday

12/5/19 7:00 AM
The winter system load reached another historic record in Hungary on 4 December 2019, Wednesday. The peak amount of 7099 MW surpassed the previous certified quarter-hourly record by 173 MW.

According to MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company Ltd’s report on Wednesday between 16.30 and 16.45 the historic peak system load of 7099 MW was registered.
For economic operators higher than average electricity use in the weeks leading up to the holidays is due to the end of the year, and the increase in the population's electricity consumption can be explained
by the festive decorative lighting and the higher heating requirements due to the cold weather.
MAVIR Ltd reported: the Hungarian electricity system provided the supply reliably in the wintery weather as well. It added: the required reserve is available.
The previous peak load was registered on 23 January at 6926 MW by MAVIR, the summer record broke this year on 27 June, it was measured at 6633 MW.

Source: MAVIR