MAVIR continues to predict an increase in peak load

10/10/19 6:00 AM
Domestic electricity generation has fallen by about a quarter in ten years, while electricity consumption is steadily rising.

Electricity production in Hungary decreased by about a quarter in ten years, while domestic electricity consumption continues to increase – turns out in MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company Ltd’s recent publication. According to the document published at the end of September, the share of import electricity broke record in 2018, when it reached the annual 31,6%.
MAVIR Ltd’s compiliation also proves the necessity of the construction of the two new nuclear power plant units. Analyzing the development of the licensed generating capacity, shows that due to the "aging" of the existing power plant park, significant declines are expected in the coming years, while further increases in gross peak load are forecast.

It can be also found in the document that the Paks Nuclear Power Plant generated 50,64% of electricity in Hungary in 2018. The currently operating four 500 MWe each unit will shut down between 2032 and 2037, the two new, modern 3+ gen. 1200 MWe each unit will replace them.

According to the compilation, in 2018 the average utilization of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant was about 90%, while the average utilization of solar plants was about 15%, and the wind plants’ was slightly above 20%. 

Source: MAVIR Ltd