Levente Magyar: Paks II. is the key to energy security

9/22/23 11:30 PM
Regarding the investment, all the conditions are given for proceeding at the appropriate pace – emphasized Alexey Likhachev at Paks, after visiting the construction with Levente Magyar and Gergely Jákli.

Levente Magyar, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade stated at the press conference held on the site of Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant, that the new units must be built to ensure the continuous energy security and sovereignty of Hungary. Alexey Likhachev, Chief Executive Officer of Rosatom declared that the Russian main contractor will fulfil all its obligations during the implementation of the investment in Paks. 

As reported by the MTI, the Chief Executive Officer emphasized that the best practice and safe technology will be used concerning the investment in Paks as well and noted that this will be the first nuclear power plant built by them in the European Union. He indicated that the investment will be accelerated, presently 140 Hungarian supplier companies are working on the construction, the number of employees will increase as the construction is progressing and according to their calculations, there will be 2000 workers at the implementation in Paks during the next year.

Levente Magyar reported at the press conference that at the beginning of the 2020s, due to the geopolitical situation there were several challenges that hindered the progress of the project. The Hungarian-Russian cooperation survived this difficult period and the project is progressing successfully. A year later, the first concrete pouring will take place, afterwards the superstructures will be the next – he added.

According to the State Secretary, the project is irreversible and it will be built despite all doubts and contrary efforts.

Responding a question, Levente Magyar said: it is encouraging that the project can be realized at the pace as it was planned and a significant part of the energy consumption of Hungary will be produced here. Their aim is to ensure the Hungarian supplier ratio, the added proportion to be as large as possible within this international project – said the State Secretary. 

In response to an MTI question, Alexey Likhachev told that the production of the equipment required for the Paks II. nuclear power plant is a priority and they do everything to ensure that the devices necessary for this project will be ready on time. Before the press conference, during the press tour it was also emphasized that this is a major international investment, about 300 people work continuously on the site through subcontractors and the ratio of Hungarian workers is significant among them.