Information office for domestic companies

8/7/20 3:40 PM
Entrepreneurial Information Point was opened by the PIP Nonprofit LLC in Paks. The aim of the office is to involve the domestic companies into Paks II. investment.

Entrepreneurial Information Point was opened in Paks, at the southern gate of the city. The aim of the new office is to provide first-hand information to domestic companies about the involvement into Paks II. investment. The office of PIP Nonprofit LLC provides information about the tenders opened  by the Contractor of the project and the essential requirements concerning the suppliers, furthermore they provide information materials about the investment to those who are interested. The qualified employees of the Entrepreneurial Information Point help the Hungarian companies with targeted and company-specific consultancy regarding their preparatory processes. 

In the course of the opening ceremony of the office, János Süli, minister without portfolio, emphasized: the Paks II. project is the biggest domestic investment of the XXI. century, which boosts the economy of the whole country not exclusively at Paks and its region. The ratio of the Hungarian suppliers can be particularly high concerning certain works, for example in case of the installation of the construction and erection base. János Süli reminded: a Hungarian company has built the transformer station, a Hungarian enterprise is working on the first buildings at the site and the Power Plant Investment Centre is going to be built by a Hungarian company as well. 

During the opening of the Entrepreneurial Information Point it was stated that before the personal visit, companies have to make an appointment in advance, either on phone (+36 20 437 15 20) or via e-mail (

Recently, the PIP Nonprofit LLC has opened another office as well. The Information Centre in the city center of Paks is primarily responsible for the integration of foreign employees.