HAEA issued construction licenses for new CEB facilities

7/30/20 6:34 PM
The control building of the concrete mixing plant (UXC 5.5) and the concrete testing laboratory (UXC 5.6) received construction licenses at the construction and erection base of the new NPP units.
Visual of the concrete testing laboratory

Paks II. Ltd. received the construction license for the implementation of the control building of the concrete mixing plant and the concrete testing laboratory from the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority. The 36 m2 control building and the associated vehicle scale will be part of the concrete mixing plant. The control building is used for direct contact with the concrete mixing units and the drivers of the concrete transportation trucks, the dispatchers, the construction managers of the nuclear power plant; its purpose is to organize the reception of concrete and to record the quantity and quality of concrete and grout delivered. The vehicle scale is used to measure trucks. The two-story, 1,200 m2 concrete testing laboratory, also part of the concrete plant, will be used to monitor the quality of concrete, concrete components and additives, rebar, soils and aggregates, waterproofing, other building materials and construction products.