Gergely Jákli: the investment provides a perspective for Paks as well

5/10/24 8:06 AM
According to the Chairman-CEO, the purchasing power in the city is a major opportunity for local businesses.

The two new units provide the town with a predictable vision of the future and a long-term perspective, which the people of Paks and the entrepreneurs in the area can build on, said Gergely Jákli, Chairman-CEO of Paks II, on the broadcast of the local channel TelePaks, who was a guest of the program "Közélet közelről" („public life close-up”) with mayor Péter Szabó.

– Paks II. Ltd.'s task regarding urban infrastructure is to mitigate the effects of the investment on the residents. This is a priority – emphasized the manager. Gergely Jákli expects that the appearance of highly qualified professionals coming to build and operate the power plant will attract contractors. – The engineers and the top managers of the Contractor want to be part of the city's blood circulation, and our responsibility is to let the entrepreneurs know about their needs.

The emerging new purchasing power represents a serious opportunity for the entrepreneurs of Paks, who can invest with low risk and high return – stated Gergely Jákli.

The chairman-CEO also reported that for the large number of workers temporarily arriving in Paks, temporary worker accommodation will be created in the area next to the construction site, where all the functions and services necessary for their daily care, needs and spending quality free time will be available to them. On the one hand, the workers will be able to get to the area practically on foot, and on the other hand, the crowd that appears will basically not burden the city's infrastructure.

Gergely Jákli said that according to the binding contract, the subcontractors of the investment are predominantly selected based on the tenders of the Russian Contractor, but Paks II. Ltd. also has smaller-volume works, which are won in largely by local companies. The manager noted: the number of nuclear investments is constantly increasing throughout Europe, and a demand market will soon develop for NPP projects. This will create a comfortable situation for businesses that already have a nuclear reference. Joining the Paks investment is subject to two important conditions: on the one hand, nuclear certification is required, which is assisted by Paks II. Ltd., on the other hand, work experience in an international environment is an advantage. He highlighted that although the project is happening in Paks, the investment itself is international: with a Russian Contractor and Western suppliers. – If a company succeeds in obtaining a reference in Paks, the market will open up for it throughout Europe – he added.

I feel very much at home in Paks and proud to be working on Hungary's biggest project. We are going through a busy period, but it will be even more intense.

Speaking about the cooperation between the Paks Nuclear Power Plant and Paks II. Ltd., Gergely Jákli emphasized: the two companies practically live in symbiosis with each other, the two new units are built taking into account the continued operation of the four units, in the same way that the construction going on next door is also taken into account when extending the lifetime of the four current units. The chairman-CEO emphasized: – It would be irresponsible to put Paks II. into operation without the experience of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, which has accumulated forty years of knowledge and nuclear competence and produces safely and with high efficiency.

The two buildings are separated by a fence, but in our thinking we should not maintain this fence.

With the progress of time, the two power plants must find the possibilities along which they can operate together – taking into account the European Union's decision to separate the two companies.

In the studio, mayor Péter Szabó talked about the continuous flow of information between the town and Paks II. Ltd. and the cooperation with the government regarding urban development is excellent. The mayor expects that Paks will benefit from the investment in the long term, just as it did during the construction of the first four units. He added: he wants to put local businesses in a position to invest in urban infrastructure as well. Joining the words of the mayor, Gergely Jákli confirmed that they can jointly present a number of urban development needs to the government – for example, the development of the local drinking water network also fits into this line.

It was also mentioned in the program that a technology line consisting of approximately eight hundred items leads to the first concrete pouring, which is considered iconic in nuclear power plant investments. To this end, site preparation activities are underway on a 17-hectare area, among other things, at the site of the new units. This is carried out using three methods, on the one hand, by soil mixing, on the other hand, an intersecting cut-off wall is built next to the nuclear island, and with the help of cranes, the so-called micropiles are also placed. The recently published publication, which describes the road leading to the first concrete, was also presented in the "Közélet közelről" program.