Domestic power plants that provide clean electricity are performing well

4/21/20 12:59 PM
The share of carbon-free production in domestic electricity production exceeded 80 percent several times in April.

The Paks Nuclear Power Plant provides half of the Hungarian electricity production, continuously, independent from weather, without emitting carbon dioxide. In addition to nuclear power plants, wind and solar power plants, geothermal and hydropower plants generate electricity in a climate-friendly way. Domestic carbon-free production units performed extremely well in the first months of the year: from 1 January to mid-April, their share of production was always above 40 percent, approaching several times in March and exceeding 80 percent several times in April.

In March, the share of carbon dioxide-free in domestic electricity production increased and energy imports decreased. Renewables, which are also climate-friendly, also performed well this month: the production of wind turbines was noticeable, and the production of solar panels continued to increase thanks to the favorable weather, along with the small household power plants.

It is important to nozr that in Hungary - contrary to international trends - as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, electricity consumption did not decrease in March compared to previous years, and increased significantly by more than 2% compared to last year’s March (the decrease was only in April). Hungary's goal is to produce electricity from domestic power plants in a clean way and without carbon dioxide emissions. In this century, the basis of this in Hungary will be primarily nuclear energy and renewable energy sources.