Csaba Lantos: Our country is in great need of the new nuclear power plant

2/28/24 7:20 AM
– We hope that the six nuclear power plant units will operate side by side in Paks for at least twenty years – said Minister of Energy Csaba Lantos at the Paks II. construction site.

– I wanted to personally see how the construction is progressing, because our country is in great need of the new nuclear power plant – said Csaba Lantos, after receiving up to date information from Gergely Jákli, Chairman-CEO, László Gábor Kiss, Program Director, and Vitaly Polyanin, Vice President of ASE JSC. and Director of the Paks II. construction project, about the current works in the Paks II. project.

The minister noted that both the construction site and the Paks Nuclear Power Plant are very busy at the moment, with the former being currently the site for soil consolidation and the latter for maintenance work on Unit 4.

Csaba Lantos emphasized that the four units are needed in the long term, and their lifetime is planned to be extended for another twenty years. – In the meantime, the new units will be completed, and we hope that the six units will operate in parallel for a good twenty years, and we will be able to meet the domestic electricity demand from a 100% carbon-free source – he highlighted.

The minister recalled that there have already been sunny periods when the Paks NPP and renewables have provided 100% green energy to Hungarian consumers, which will be even more likely in the future, as the solar power capacity has now exceeded 6000 megawatts, which is three times the capacity of the nuclear power plant.

– We believe in green energy – said Csaba Lantos, adding that in Hungary this means two things: renewable energy and nuclear energy.

The Minister of Energy, who visited the investment area in the company of Attila Steiner, State Secretary for Energy and Climate Policy and Károly Tamás Mátrai, CEO of MVM Ltd., recalled that the European Union has also declared in its taxonomy that nuclear energy is green energy, as its operation does not emit greenhouse gases.