Cooperation agreement with Szekszárd

5/9/19 6:00 AM
Cooperation is one of the pillars of the Paks II. project, for the realization of the investment and for the success of the development of the region of the nuclear power plant, several agreements were made. On 9 May in Szekszárd minister János Süli signed a framework agreement.

A cooperation agreement for the preparation of the Paks II. investment was signed on 9 May by János Süli, the minister responsible for the project with the mayor of Szekszárd, Rezső Ács. János Süli highlighted: the implementation of the new NPP units is not only a development opportunity for Paks, but for the whole region. If we expect a serious performance during the construction and operation of the nuclear power plant, the region needs to satisfy the cultural and recreational needs of the workers – he added.

Rezső Ács, mayor of Szekszárd said the county seat is preparing its supply system for the workers coming to Paks and to provide skilled workforce for the investment. For the latter they are synchronizing the local professional training with the planned education of the university faculty. According to the agreement, the parties intend to cooperate in economical and regional development, job creation and education, but the joint activities extend to healthcare, cultural, sports and tourist developments as well.

A few days before a cooperation agreement was signed with the University of Pécs (PTE). At the signing of May 3 it was said: as a regional center of higher education, PTE has and will have a prominent role in fulfilling the needs of the domestic actors involved in the implementation of the project and subsequently the operating organization of the Paks II. project and to educate the professionals of the region. According to the agreement, the students can gain practical knowledge, and the tutors and researchers of PTE can look into industial, large-scale knowledge. The professionals of the NPP can participate in educating the day-time and correspondence courses students of PTE, and also participate in further engineering courses.

In November 2018 a similar agreement was signed with the University of Dunaújváros. Also in 2018 János Süli signed cooperation agreements with the chairmans of the general assemblies of four counties: Baranya, Tolna, Somogy and Bács-Kiskun. The agreement was made for the thoughtful development of the region in connection with the Paks II. investment in the following years.