Building a nuclear power plant is a huge opportunity for the Hungarian construction industry

10/5/23 7:06 PM
The international nuclear power plant construction market opens up significant opportunities for Hungarian construction companies, Gergely Jákli said at a meeting of ÉVOSZ (National Association of Construction Contractors).

The Chairman-CEO of Paks II. Ltd. held a presentation on the status of the Paks II. project and the opportunities it offers at the extended meeting of the High-rise Construction Section of the National Association of Construction Contractors (ÉVOSZ).

Gergely Jákli emphasized: he urges everyone to start the work necessary to become a supplier in the nuclear power plant construction market. After that, he discussed in great detail why the construction of the two new nuclear power plant units is necessary, how the technology was chosen and where the construction is now.

Gergely Jákli told that subcontractors will be involved in the project by Rosatom's subsidiary, Atomstroyexport, via tenders. In doing so, they follow the known protocol of international contracting, so it is useful if a company has experience in this. In addition, nuclear certification is required. – Before
signing the contract, we run an audit similar to the ISO certification, during which the company must prove that its quality control and documentation processes comply with all regulations – he explained.

With this certification, the company proves that it is prepared for this task in terms of process management and document management. This qualification is a good letter of recommendation in the European Union.

– Why am I encouraging everyone to start thinking about where they can participate in this task? – Gergely Jákli asked. In his answer he explained that nuclear power plants are being built in several countries in Europe today and many states are planning new units or extending the lifetime of the existing ones. These are at different stages, six units will be constructed in Poland, contracts will be signed shortly, more than fifty units are operating in France, they are also preparing for lifetime extensions, and dozens of new units are planned, in Great Britain the expansion of Hinkley Point is underway, meanwhile the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria , Slovenia, the Netherlands and Sweden are also planning to build new nuclear power plants.

In the near future, a very large market will open up for the Hungarian construction industry, so it is worth developing in this direction, investing time and energy in this – the Chairman-CEO said.

ÉVOSZ was founded in October 1989. It currently has around 250 member organisations. In addition to Hungary's largest construction companies, ÉVOSZ also includes many small and medium-sized enterprises.