Another approval from Brussels

4/23/20 9:16 AM
The European Commission has approved the planned amendment of the government decree regulating the site preparation works related to the Paks II. project.

Speaking to the Hungarian News Agency (MTI), János Süli, the minister without portfolio responsible for the project, emphasized that the EU decision supports the Hungarian government's intention to amend the Nuclear Safety Regulations in accordance with European practice and nuclear safety regulations. The minister also reminded that the planned amendment of Hungarian legislation does not mean mitigation. It does not change the regulations, the supervisory powers of the authority do not change. The sole purpose of the amendment is to enable the preparatory site works to start earlier at the Paks site, thus ensuring the conditions for continuous work.

János Süli added: based on the amendment also approved by Brussels, the licensee Paks II. Ltd. may start the license procedure for site works only three months after the application for the implementation license has been submitted to the authority. During this time, the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority can assess the basic construction features of the application for an implementation license for nuclear power plant units and their connection to the site preparation works on the basis of nuclear safety regulations. Thus, the site works for the investment are expected to begin in early 2021.

János Süli emphasized that the Hungarian government acted responsibly when it decided to rely on nuclear energy in the long run in addition to renewables, as due to this the share of carbon-free electricity production in Hungary exceeded eighty percent several times in April. He emphasized that it is crucial for the long-term competitiveness of the Hungarian economy that Hungarian people and domestic enterprises have access to cheap electricity from a predictable, clean, domestic source.