A sharp increase in electricity import in February

4/3/19 6:00 AM
Following the electricity consumption records in January, February also resulted in a new record value: the share of electricity import was high due to the decline in domestic electricity production. Electricity import was 36.5% compared to 32.08% a year before.

According to the monthly market monitoring of the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority’s (MEKH) webpage, the net import share in February was 36,5%. In this period last year this share was 32,08%. In the second month more electricity was imported from the neighbouring countries – except Croatia – than it was exported.

The main reason for the high share of import was the decrease in domestic electricity production. The fourth unit of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant did not produce due to the planned maintenance, and for several natural gas and lignite units production was stopped due to unplanned maintenance, and other combined cycle gas plants did not produce as much as they could either. A total of 1300 megawatts of capacity has been lost, although renewable and decentralized power generation was higher than last February, MEKH concludes.

All in all, the Hungarian power plants operated with an average power of 3539 MW a day in February, last year it was 3892 MW.