You can still apply for the Paks II. Academy

1/14/21 10:46 AM
At the University of Pannonia, the University of Pécs and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the nuclear specialist training starts this semester within the Paks II. Academy. - Training up to the specified frame number is financed by Paks II. Ltd. - informed us communications director István Mittler.

All those who want to obtain a new qualification applicable in the nuclear field can start their studies within a few weeks, as three universities are launching a cross-semester training as a nuclear power plant operation engineer and specialist. Applicants are invited until 15 January at the University of Pannonia, 20 January at the University of Pécs and 31 January at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. István Mittler, the communications director of the project company responsible for the two new NPP units, drew attention to the fact that many well-trained specialists will be needed in the preparatory phase of the construction and operation of the nuclear power plant. In order to make the team of professionals available, various training programs were launched by Paks II. Ltd. One of these is Paks II. Academy that, so far, is very popular. In the first round - in the academic year 2019-2020 - the training of nuclear power plant operation engineers started at six universities. - The training started at the University of Pannonia and the University of Pécs in a cross-semester order, so the students have not yet graduated, but nearly sixty students of the other four universities have successfully completed their studies – István Mittler concluded. He added that there was a university where some of the students applied at their own expense once the funded places have been filled. In the light of the good experience, the decision was made to increase the number of students and the amount of aid in the second round. Thus, in the autumn, using the maximum number of students, 25 people at the University of Dunaújváros, and 15-15 people at the University of Miskolc and the University of Debrecen started the nuclear power plant operation engineer / specialist training by the financial of aid of Paks II. - It is a special pleasure that at the University of Dunaújváros, in addition to the quota of 25 people, thirteen people started their studies at their own expense, which proves the legitimacy of the training.

- During the two semesters of the specialized training, they will get excellent knowledge from this segment of the energy industry: they can gain basic knowledge about the technological processes of the nuclear power plants, the operation process, the basics of nuclear safety, the safe operation of the nuclear power plant – highlighted István Mittler, while adding that those interested can find more information on the career portal of Paks II. Ltd. and on the websites of the universities.