With clean energy on the roads of Paks

3/5/21 10:41 AM
Only electric buses provide public transport in Paks. This is one of the largest climate-friendly bus fleets of Hungary.

Paks has taken a big step towards the environmentally friendly transport, and becoming a green city: since February 2021, only electric buses are used in public transport.

Besides Pécs, it is currently one of the largest, purely electric bus fleets in Hungary.

The Paks one is the only city public transport organization, where the public service is provided exclusively by purely electric buses.

The renewal of public transport is intended to replace driving cars without sacrificing comfort, thus alleviating overcrowding in the city and reducing air pollution.

According to the plans, the professionals and construction workers working on the construction of the two new NPP units will also be transported from the surrounding settlements by electric buses. The transformation of public transport in Paks is a good experience for this.

Electric transport can only be truly environmentally friendly, if the electricity supplied to the vehicle is produced in a clean way.

One of the most obvious production methods in Hungary for this is nuclear energy.

In 2020, 55% of electricity in Hungary was produced in a carbon-free way using nuclear, solar, wind, hydro and geothermal energy. 87% of this clean energy was provided by the Paks Nuclear Power Plant.