Virtual tour on the new nuclear power plant’s site

3/3/22 2:56 PM
A new tool was added to the communication toolkit of Paks II. Ltd.

Those interested could try the virtual reality application showing the new Paks NPP units first in Simontornya. The new nuclear power plant and the construction and erection base can be visited in the application running on VR headsets. During the virtual tour additional information can be heard in Hungarian and English about the eight stations of the application, among others the concrete plant meeting 300 thousand m3 demand per year, or the peak cooling cells, which help meet the strict environmental protection requirements, found next to the outlet channel. 

– The virtual reality program helps to perceive the enormous scale involved in the investment – said communications director István Mittler, adding: the complexity of the facility to be built made a big impression on those who tried the VR set, especially the last station of the VR tour, where the whole site can be seen from a bird’s eye view. 

The interested can try the VR application at various bigger events in the future.