Third Romanian public hearing

10/15/15 6:00 AM
Following the public hearings held on 28 September in Oradea and on 29 September in Timisoara, a third public hearing was held in Romania, this time in the capital, Bucharest. The event was followed by an expert consultation the following day.

Dr. Zoltán Horváth, the leader of the competent authority in the proceedings (the Baranya County Government Office) described the authorization process and its rules at the beginning of the almost five hours long event. Following this – like in the case of the previous public hearings – dr. Attila Aszódi, government commissioner for the maintenance of the performance of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant presented the Paks II. project, the environmental effects of the construction and operation of the new nuclear power plant units, the nuclear safety requirements and parameters and handling of the spent fuel and radioactive waste.

Following the presentation, the interested could ask questions or give their opinion. Most of the questions were about the effects on Danube (effects of low/high water level, effects on wildlife, temperature change of Danube) and the handling of radioactive waste (temporary and permanent storage of the high-level radioactive waste). Members of the Hungarian delegation answered everything in great detail.

The international phase of the public hearings will continue in Munich on 20 October, where an expert consultation will be held following the forum.