There is no secure supply of electricity without the Paks II. investment

3/1/22 1:49 PM
The Paks II. project guarantees the secure electricity supply and the affordable electricity – highlighted János Süli at the event of Századvég.

– The price of electricity is skyrocketing in Europe, meanwhile the Hungarian population is protected from the price rises of the energy market, and this is mainly due to affordable electricity generated in the Paks Nuclear Power Plant – emphasized János Süli, minister without portfolio at the event of Századvég, called „Overhead Conference”, according to MTI. 

János Süli told that according to the decision of the European Union, nuclear energy is deemed green energy, therefore nuclear power plants can be built via supported investments in the future. The minister also said Hungary is on its way to meet its growing electricity demand with nuclear and renewable energy in the long run. 

Regarding the Paks II. investment, János Süli said the project already has about 600 licenses, and with further licenses the project can step into its second phase in the near future. 

The minister pointed out: the sanctions introduced due to the war in Ukraine cannot endanger the safe supply of energy of the Hungarian families.