The values of the county in Sárszentlőrinc

7/23/21 5:00 PM
Minister János Süli spoke about the results and plans of the regional development associated with the Paks II. project in Sárszentlőrinc.

– We are doing a wide range of work to ensure that Paks and its region benefit as much as possible from the investment of the century. Our task is very complex, housing, education and health care must be provided to those arriving for the implementation of the two new units, the possibility of joining entrepreneurs must be promoted, public utilities must be developed, and the recreation of the new arrivals must be provided, said minister János Süli in Sárszentlőrinc. This year, this settlement served as the venue for the Tolna County Government's “The County awaits” program, which is also the Tolna County Values Day.

In connection with this, the Minister responsible for the Paks II. project emphasized that Tolna County can be proud of its values and also that the people living here do a lot to preserve these values.

János Süli briefly summarized the developments that also affected the lives of the people living in this area. He said the Paks railway line had been renewed. Roads are being renovated in Tolna and Bács-Kiskun counties. The Pusztahencse–Györköny, Paks–Cece route between Györköny and Nagydorog is ready, the final smoothing is taking place on the Paks–Pusztahencse road, last year the renewal of the Dunaszentgyörgy–Fadd–Tolna route to the Szekszárd junction started, also the Bölcske–Dunaföldvár route is under construction. – And yes, the road to Sárszentlőrinc has been completed – he added.

– Actually, this year all roads from Paks will be completed. 60% of the road sections in Tolna County will be renewed within a year or two. Our goal is to let Paks and the surrounding area enjoy the most benefits of the Paks II. project – he underlined.

On the Day of Tolna County Values, dozens of settlements of the county appeared, a competition and a cooking race were organized with their participation.

The city of Paks was represented, beside the municipality, by the companies working on the Paks II. project, such as PIP Nonprofit Ltd and Paks II. Ltd. The project company arrived at the event with a unique tent. The tent itself provides information, as its sides are decorated with graphics showing the domestic importance of nuclear energy, and its floor plan is hexagonal, just like the fuel assemblies used in nuclear power plants. In the tent, the guests were greeted with various toys and information materials provided by the employees of the company entrusted with the construction of the two new NPP units.

The information tent will promote the Paks II. project next at the SporTolna Triathlon Festival in Fadd-Dombori on 31 July.