The share of import exceeded 40% in June in Hungary

7/18/18 6:00 AM
Almost 43% was the share of import in June 2018, which is this year’s highest share, higher than last year – this was revealed from the data of MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company Ltd.

Based on MAVIR’s statement in June 2018 the share of import of electricity consumption was 42,93%. It is this year’s highest monthly share, significantly exceeding the average of 2017.
Hungary imports 30-32% of electricity supply, in January 2017 due to extreme colds this share reached 54% sometimes.

Share of import in domestic gross electricity consumption [%] Source:

The share of import in the first half of 2018 was 35,82%. The data of January (28,99%), February (31,49%) and April (31,39%) showed the average of the last years, while in March (39,59%) the share of import approached 40%, and in May (41,03%) and June (42,93%) even exceeded it.

According to MAVIR’s data Hungary used 45057,4 GWh electricity which was a historical record. On 2 March 2018 the electricity need of Hungary set a record: the domestic system load reached 6835 MW. A higher value was not needed since 1955 according to available data.

The higher the share of import, the bigger the danger of an electricity supply crisis and supply requirements cannot be met. That is why it is important that Hungary covers the biggest part of its electricity needs from domestic power plants. By constructing and operating Paks II. it is guaranteed for 60 years that cheap, domestic and climate friendly electricity is provided in a large quantity