The Paks Social Council held another meeting

12/16/21 12:28 PM
Paks II. Ltd. received important licenses, meanwhile the construction of facilities on the construction and erection base progressing – was said at the Paks Social Council’s meeting.

The meeting of the Paks Social Council was held on 16 December in Paks. János Süli, the minister responsible for the planning, construction and commissioning of the two new Paks NPP units informed the mayor of the neighbouring 47 settlements and the regional parliamentarians on the progress of the project. 

– As you can all see, numerous roads are being renovated in the region. We have spent 13 billion HUF on this program already, but the new Danube bridge is also being constructed. You can also see the steel frames of the buildings under construction on the new units’ construction and erection base when you are closing to Paks – said János Süli. The work is continous: in five complexes 18 buildings or facilities are being implemented. A concrete plant, a complex of steel and rebar assembly plants, several administrative and service buildings, a complex of anti-corrosion works and a contractor warehouse are currently under construction.

There are several updates in licensing: for example the licensing of the manufacturing of the reactor pressure vessels started, the project company submitted the license application on 16 November to the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority. With the acquisition of the license, the RPVs will be manufactured in Volgodonsk in Russia in about 36 months, with the continous supervision of Russian and Hungarian specialists. The implementation licensing is still ongoing, meanwhile Paks II. Ltd. acquired the physical protection license and the electrical implementation (grid connection) license, among others. A few weeks ago the investment received the license for the works of cut-off wall and soil improvement and to excavate soil above minus five meters.

– The people living in the near vicinity of the investment are of utmost importance to use, thus we pay special attention to provide them information from the decision-making level on a regular basis – emphasized the communications director of Paks II. Ltd. at the meeting. 

Following the event, after answering the questions, István Mittler highlighted: the company is going to continue providing first-hand information on the progress of the project.