The Paks II. project received the site license

3/31/17 5:00 AM
The competent authority, the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority (HAEA) issued the site license on 30 March 2017 for the project company.

The project company had to prove in the site license application and in the related documents that the site suitable to have new nuclear power plant units and to describe the specifics of the site. The HAEA issued the license nr. P2-HA0008, the approx. 5 years long investigation was successful.

Public hearing in Paks regarding the site investigation and assessment program (5 May 2014)

The site investigation and assessment program was ready after a far-reaching preparatory work, which was approved by the HAEA in November 2014. The program’s main task was to use the 21st century’s technical possibilities and specify the site features on a modern, up-to-date technical-scientific level.

The first geological drilling next to Németkér (May 2015)

During the site investigation and assessment the project company identified the circumstances of natural and human activities, and described their effect. The results will be used to design the nuclear power plant and to justify the facility’s safety.

Geological deep drilling, with the nuclear power plant in the back (May 2016)

In the site license application it had to be proved that the site is suitable for the establishment of new nuclear power plant units. The data received during the site investigation had to be shown in the highly detailed documentation and the data showing the site’s threats had to be available which are needed during the design of the nuclear power plant.

Investigating the core samples gained during the drillings (May 2016)

The Paks II. project company presented the documentation and license application which are the result of the past decades’ most complex investigation on 27 October 2016 to the HAEA. Following this an article was published in every county dailies about the results of the site investigation and assessment and the (more than 70.000) households of the 41 settlements next to site could get to know the program with the help of an 8 pages brochure. This brochure was published as an appendix to the national dailies by the project company as well. On Paks, Szekszárd and Kalocsa between 28 November and 5 December 2016 public forums were held to inform the population living next to the site and to answer their questions. The HAEA held a public hearing on 13 December 2016 to listen to the public opinion and answer the arising questions.

Miklós Horváth project leader gives information to Dr. Attila Aszódi government commissioner, directors of Paks II. (Csilla Tóth technical director and István Mittler communications director) and their colleagues about the trench works (August 2016)

The site license as the first big nuclear license is of a great importance in the preparation of the new nuclear power plant units.