The new Danube bridge was coordinated

8/26/15 6:00 AM
A coordination of the study plan for the new Danube bridge planned between Paks and Kalocsa was held on 25 August in Kalocsa, in the city hall’s ceremonial hall, organized by the Transport Development Coordination Center.

The government decided to erect a bridge between Paks and Kalocsa based on the residential remarks made during public forums held because of the environmental approval of the new nuclear power plant units in the spring of 2015. The bridge will provide the opportunity for those who live in Bács-Kiskun County to take part in the Paks II. investment’s works and attendance. The planned bridge will have a positive effect in the region’s industrial and agricultural activities and it will also help the residents of Bács-Kiskun County to access the M6 freeway.

The mayors of the settlements affected by the new Danube bridge and several office-holders were informed by the experts of the Transport Development Coordination Center regarding the bridge’s possible tracks and bridge versions.

After  the lecture illustrated with visualizations, the experts answered all of the questions. The feasibility study might be ready by September, and after that the design, environmental assessment and licensing work will come.