The majority of the Hungarians supports the maintenance of the performance of the Paks NPP

8/23/17 6:00 AM
54% of the Hungarian population supports the construction of new nuclear power plant units – found in a representative public opinion survey commissioned by MVM Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Development Ltd. Most respondents say that nuclear power today provides the country with a safe and continuous power supply; and two thirds believe that the construction of new nuclear power plant units will reduce Hungary's energy dependency.

Commissioned by MVM Paks II. Ltd., based on the results of a nationwide representative poll conducted in 2017 54% of the respondents support that new, modern and safe nuclear power plant units will be built in Paks to replace the existing units, while only 36% is against it. Ten% of the respondents didn’t take a stand on the issue. 51 percent of Hungarians said they would refuse to pay more for electricity if they were using renewable energy sources instead of nuclear power. Moreover the majority of the population believes nuclear energy provides continuous and the safest power supply for the country and the population today.

Based on the results of the poll, two-third of the population agrees that construction of new nuclear power plant units will reduce Hungary's energy dependency. In a representative survey of the adult population, the half of the respondents is also aware that the operation of nuclear power plants does not lead to carbon dioxide emissions.

The MVM Paks II. Ltd. pays special attention to the continuous, easy to understand information of the entire Hungarian public. For the effective planning of communication activities, every year, since the founding of the company, the population was surveyed regarding the planned new nuclear power plant units. Surveys conducted with the interview of 1000-2000 people had previously been made by telephone and later by personal interviews.

Surveys were conducted by the Századvég Foundation between 2013 and 2015, and since 2016 Network 360 Ltd. In all cases, the research companies were selected in a public procurement procedure.